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Meet Dr. Mel

Mel Schottenstein, N.D., M.B.E.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. Mel Schottenstein studied Women, Gender, Sexuality, and History of Science at Harvard University for her undergraduate degree. Interested in learning skills of medical mediation and to promote cultural competency among health care providers, Mel completed a Master’s degree in Biothics at the University of Pennsylvania. 

She then acquired a Naturopathic medical degree at Bastyr University in WA. While in school, she received additional training in Biological Medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland.Additionally, she completed training in Neural therapy, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Naturopathic Oncology, Aromatherapy, and Irlen syndrome screening. Post-graduation, Mel entered a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program, received training in Medical Aesthetics from the National Laser Institute, became a Certified Walhs Protocol Health Provider and is receiving post-doctoral training in Functional Neurology from the Carrick Institute, Texas.  

Having reversed her own health concerns, Mel has learned from her personal and professional experiences that mitochondrial health is central to obtaining wellness. Mel has focused her practice on improving cellular metabolism, treating Autoimmune conditions, Cancer, and Cellular Rejuvenation/Anti-Aging.

Because all individuals are unique and manifest health concerns in distinct ways, Mel creates individualized care plans for all of her patients.